Saturday, December 3, 2011

Taking a moment to breath

I miss my family. I miss my friends. I miss my sanity. These are my thoughts for the past 3 months.

This past summer I spent in Greece and somehow got the bug that it is time to move on from this place I live in now. What is it about the Greek sun, the soil, the chaos, the extreme heat that make you want to live there and make it work. I think it is the sea, that blue Aegean sea that beckons us to dive in and feel it's salty licks. To take a walk in a village and everyone to know you. To sit at the village cafe in the middle of the day when most are taking siesta and enjoy the quiet while sipping on a frappe. To hear the "tzitzikia" (native crickets) sing their tune as loud as they can. To enjoy what is our heritage and try and preserve it.

So that is what I dream of now, while December has creeped in and I await the next 7 months to go by so that I can be there again. As I take a moment out of my day to breath I realize that I need to breath in the hot summer air. I need to meditate under the Greek sun. To walk on a pebble beach and smell the salt in the air. To sit at a tavern and taste fish that was swimming in that sea that morning and now it is grilled and lemon topped on my plate waiting for me to savor it.... Speaking of which... next recipe will be grilled red snapper.

Well that is all I will say for now... Till later..

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